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A four-day festival of unconventional off-stage theater forms. Street theater, site-specific and alternative performances are taking place at space of daily life. The festival is open to the general public free of charge.

The philosophy of this festival is to break the borders of taboos and indifference. The festival is disrupting the life of an ordinary citizen in unexpected places of everyday life, trying to raise questions that must not be ignored. Through the artistic form of contemporary theatrical performance, we exhibit problems in places where they cannot be overlooked.


This international project brings together organisations from five European countries operation in the scope of performing arts. Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre from Poland is the leader of the project, the partners are as follows: Cooltour – Kulturní centrum Cooltour Ostrava z.ú., from Czech Republic, RaTaTam – Reykjavik Art Group from Iceland, Parrabbola – community theatre collective from London, Great Britain and An Grianán Theatre from Letterkenny, Ireland.

The goal of the project is to give an artistic shape to various kinds of real and metaphorical walls that divide people, individual, social and racial groups, nations and countries. 


offenziva-Smetáček a syn-008.jpg

2019 (from 28th to 30th August)

Shows and places:

My kluci, co spolu chodíme – former gallery Beseda
Statické divadlo: Párek –Slezská Ostrava Town Hall
G.N.A.T.: Smetáček a syn – square near OC Nová Karolina
Jakub Gottwald: Ur-fascism – Fráni Šrámka 5
20 000 židů pod mořem: Ze zdola – amphiteatre Divadla loutek
X10: Člověku nad tím rozum i čůrák zůstává stát – underground garage Černé louce
Částečné znejistění: Částečné znejistění – HogoFogo bistro
D´EPOG: Sakurambo – Cultural Centre Cooltour
Depresivní děti touží po penězích: Marie Stuartovna. Anatomie (dramatu) – Hotel Palace

Concerts: Lefi Neser, PLACES, Good Times Only

2020 (from 26th to 28th August)
Shows and places:

Divadlo Na cucky: Opletal – Cultural Cooltour
D´EPOG: Ich bin solo – Ostravica-Textilia
Mir. Theatre & PLATA Company: Prefaby – Otvor v DOCKu
Buranteatr: deep shit/pohybový traktát – PLATO
Cie Pieds Perchés (CZ/CH): Ok(n)o – public space near Masarykova náměstí
My kluci, co spolu chodíme: Svědomitě nepřipraveni – Bo Bistro Store
Paradoks Theater (PL): Otello – SKY Music Club
Kolonie z.s. & A Stzudio Rubín: Vztek – La Petite Conversation
PLATA Company: Tisíc tuctů –  Fiducia Gallery 

Concerts: Dr. Zeppelin & Radim Nowak, Fredy & Krasty

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